Lizard On A Rock

If you have been reading this blog, your children have tried practicing rock pose, a great centering pose, and Lazy Lizard Pose, a nice way for kids to learn how to relax.  What if you put them together?  Then you get a lizard on a rock! Lizard on a rock pose, is a partner pose, […]

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How To Be A Rock

When starting a children’s yoga class, I always have the kids begin in rock pose, or commonly know as child’s pose or balasana in sanskirt, the language of yoga.  Rock pose has many benefits to help the kids calm down and regroup before class starts.  I think of this as a “time in” for kids. […]

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5 Tips About Teaching Kids Yoga

Kids yoga classes are very different than adult yoga classes.  Teaching children yoga is a very rewarding adventure, but not for everyone, if the teachers heart is not into it, the kids know right away.  I have several yoga instructor friends that have tried teaching children yoga, and were completely exhausted and frustrated after class, they said […]

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What Is A Lazy Lizard?

I see Lazy Lizards everyday.  In schools, daycares, yoga studios, outside, inside.  They are everywhere.  The look so relaxed and peaceful. Lazy Lizard Pose is the last pose of a kids yoga class, just like savasana or rest pose in an adult yoga class.  After learning how to breathe, practicing fun yoga poses and playing […]

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I’m Grounded?

I teach both kids and adults yoga.  Some days it’s harder to transition from class to class, just like every day is different on your yoga mat.  One day a week a teach 2 kids classes, then move on to teaching an adult class, back to a kids class, then an afternoon wellness class for […]

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Kids Can Do Yoga?

Yes, they can! When people ask the question, “What do you do?” And I respond,  “I teach kids yoga.” They look at me curiously and respond, “Kids can do yoga?” And I smile. I mostly teach kids ages 3 to 10.  Yoga comes so naturally to children, at any age. When I teach a new group […]

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