Kids Yoga Pose of the Month ~ Butterfly

The March kids yoga pose of the month is butterfly, honoring Spring.  Springtime brings more light, new growth, warmer weather, daffodils, and when the flowers start to pop up, butterflies! Butterfly pose, also known as bound angle pose or bada konasana, has many great benefits for kids.  Butterfly encourages flexibility in the hips and knees, […]

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Creative, Crafty and Calming….

I always try and come up with a new activity for my little yogi’s 3 to 5 at the end of  each 6 week session of Lazy Lizards Yoga.  I have been in a creative funk lately and have always wanted to have the kids make their own eye pillow that they can use during […]

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Summer Yoga for Kids

Now that summer is here, why not take the kids outside to practice yoga?  Some may say, “It could be distracting.” Others may say, “How do I control the group while they are outside?” But I say, “That sounds like fun.” I teach at several preschools and elementary schools, so I decided to try teaching […]

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