If I Were A Tree I Would Be…..

A pineapple tree, a willow tree, an apple tree, a palm tree, a rainbow tree!  These are just a few examples of how you can have kids interact with their yoga poses and feelings. At Lazy Lizards Yoga, we modify tree pose to be a little easier for younger children and make it fun. How […]

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Busy Summer? Slow Things Down With Legs Up The Wall.

Summer sure has been busy, time flies when you are having fun.  Vacations, pool, having kids over to keep your kids busy, sports, camps and being out of the school year routine can be hectic.  Take time for yourself and your kids and try legs up the wall pose.  A great yoga pose and”time out” […]

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Summer Yoga for Kids

Now that summer is here, why not take the kids outside to practice yoga?  Some may say, “It could be distracting.” Others may say, “How do I control the group while they are outside?” But I say, “That sounds like fun.” I teach at several preschools and elementary schools, so I decided to try teaching […]

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Lizard On A Rock

If you have been reading this blog, your children have tried practicing rock pose, a great centering pose, and Lazy Lizard Pose, a nice way for kids to learn how to relax.  What if you put them together?  Then you get a lizard on a rock! Lizard on a rock pose, is a partner pose, […]

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How To Be A Rock

When starting a children’s yoga class, I always have the kids begin in rock pose, or commonly know as child’s pose or balasana in sanskirt, the language of yoga.  Rock pose has many benefits to help the kids calm down and regroup before class starts.  I think of this as a “time in” for kids. […]

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