Reasons To Have Your Own Yoga Mat

I recently went to a yoga class for myself.  This is harder then it sounds, since I teach yoga for kids, adults, young and old, it is very hard to find a class to go for yourself, I am always teaching yoga at the same time everybody else is.  I went to class on a […]

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Natural Beauty

I recently took a trip with my family to the Grand Canyon.  My husband, 9 year old son, 72 year old father in law met at the Grand Canyon, hiked 7 miles down to the bottom and 10 miles up to the South Rim. While I was hiking and enjoying the beautiful sites within the […]

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I’m Grounded?

I teach both kids and adults yoga.  Some days it’s harder to transition from class to class, just like every day is different on your yoga mat.  One day a week a teach 2 kids classes, then move on to teaching an adult class, back to a kids class, then an afternoon wellness class for […]

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