Kids Yoga Pose of the Month ~ Frog

January’s kids yoga pose of the month is Frog Pose, also known as Garland Pose or Malasana in Sanskrit (the language of yoga). Frog is easy an fun kids yoga pose to practice.  They can be still or even jump like a frog. Not only is Frog Pose a fun yoga pose for kids, it […]

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Give The Gift of Kids Yoga This Holiday Season

Looking for a gift for that special kid that not everybody will be giving, will teach a child to start healthy habits early, and a 2 to 7 year old will love?  What about giving the gift of kids yoga?  A Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat and DVD is an excellent idea to get a child […]

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Introducing Breathing Exercises to Kids

During Lazy Lizards Yoga, we always do breathing exercises, or in Sanskrit (the language of yoga) pranayama.    An easy way to introduce deep breaths, is to use a breathing ball.  It helps kids find the relationship of how the breath works inside the body.  When the ball expands breathe in, as you breathe in […]

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Easy Back to School Yoga Routine

Fall is in the air, school is back in session, Labor Day has passed.  It must be September.  September represents a lot of changes and is National Yoga Month.  What a great opportunity to try something new for your kids, maybe even yourself. Trying to get into a back to school routine? Have your kids […]

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Busy Summer? Slow Things Down With Legs Up The Wall.

Summer sure has been busy, time flies when you are having fun.  Vacations, pool, having kids over to keep your kids busy, sports, camps and being out of the school year routine can be hectic.  Take time for yourself and your kids and try legs up the wall pose.  A great yoga pose and”time out” […]

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5 Tips About Teaching Kids Yoga

Kids yoga classes are very different than adult yoga classes.  Teaching children yoga is a very rewarding adventure, but not for everyone, if the teachers heart is not into it, the kids know right away.  I have several yoga instructor friends that have tried teaching children yoga, and were completely exhausted and frustrated after class, they said […]

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