yoga craft for kidsI always try and come up with a new activity for my little yogi’s 3 to 5 at the end of  each 6 week session of Lazy Lizards Yoga.  I have been in a creative funk lately and have always wanted to have the kids make their own eye pillow that they can use during Lazy Lizard Pose.  The kids I teach are 3 to 5, and skill levels are inconsistent and I am not very handy with a thread and needle. I have been trying to think of a way for the yoga kids to make their own eye pillow for years that is easy, not very time consuming and not very messy.  And I finally came up with something.

This week I had one of my friend’s 4 year old daughter come over to see if it would be something that she would enjoy, be able to do effortlessly, and use.  And it worked!  After making her eye pillow MJ took her eye pillow home, and slept with it so she would be “calm” when she went to bed. And has been using it every night.

Since my experiment was successful, I decided to try it at my preschool class, which I have about 8 students from 3 to 5.  We did make sort of a mess, but it was easy to clean up.  The kids had a great time, mixing up the ingredients and smelling the essential oils, and being able to bring something home to show Mom and Dad.

How to make a creative, crafty and calming eye pillow with no sewing:

Materials you will need:

Flax Seed
Metal Bowl
Fun Patterned Knee Socks
Essential Oils of Your Choosing

1.  Go to the local $1 Store, or wherever you think they may have inexpensive fun knee socks. Or even use your own socks! Wash to create softness and tie a knot in the bottom.

2.  Mix the rice and flax seed to the consistency you think is best, no right or wrong here, and you don’t even have to use the flax seed, it just creates a little more softness for the pillow.  I tossed the ingredients into a bowl, and let the kids mix it up with there hands talking about the senses, how it feels, how it smells and what it looks like.

3.  Add the essential oil.  Remember a few drops goes a long way.  3 to 4 drops is plenty, less is more!  I brought a few different oils and had the children smell the bottles, and then had them vote on which one they liked best. Lavender and peppermint came to a tie, so I did a little of both.  I mix up the mixture after adding the oils.

4.  Split kids in groups of 2 to help each other.  I am the only teacher, so it makes it easier, if the kids help each other.  Have the kids pick which sock they want.  I had them close their eyes and pick the socks out of a bag.

5.  I had paper funnels for each group, and a scoop.   Have the kids insert the funnel in the sock and gently pour the rice mixture into the sock.

6.  Tie a knot at the end of the sock.  Some kids will be able to do this and other will not, but let them try.

7.  Have the kids lay in Lazy Lizard Pose, and put their new eye pillow over their eyes for deep relaxation!

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  1. Meleakua Reply August 23, 2014 at 1:04 am

    what a great idea! thanks so much- i'm going to do this with my little lizard! :) eye pillows sound like a lovely way to bring the relaxation of yoga to bed, too! thanks!

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