Fall is in the air, school is back in session, Labor Day has passed.  It must be September.  September represents a lot of changes and is National Yoga Month.  What a great opportunity to try something new for your kids, maybe even yourself.

Trying to get into a back to school routine? Have your kids try 5 yoga poses this month before going to school. Here’s a quick and easy yoga routine, try it with them, and they might surprise you, they may start to practice on their own.  Take 3 to 6 deep breaths in each pose, depending on how much time you have.

yoga for kidsRock Pose: Come to seated with your knees and heels together, slowly bring your forehead to the ground, arms rest gently by your sides, gently close the eyes.   Breathe in and out of your nose slowly and gently feeling your belly expand on your thighs as you breathe in and noticing how you can relax a little more as you breath out. This yoga pose is a great way to start out your child’s practice, to have them notice how they are feeling at the present moment.

Up Cat and Down Cat:  This is a great pose to have your children try before school, to warm up their spine, since they are sitting down most of the day. Come onto all fours, hand and knees.  As you breathe in drop the belly towards the floor and look up, as you breathe out, press into the hands round the chin and the tail bone like a scary Halloween cat.

kids yoga posecat pose for kids
Downward Facing Dog:  Kids love going upside down, and down dog is a great pose to stretch the back of the body, increase strength and rejuvenate the brain.  Come onto your hands and knees, curl the toes under, press evenly into the hands and lift the bottom up to the sky, creating a V with the body. Look between your two feet. Don’t  forget to take your 3 to 6 deep breaths!
Lazy Lizard Pose:  After stretching and moving, lay in Lazy Lizards Pose.  Lay down comfortably on the floor.  Let your feet relax open to the sides, let your shoulders sink into the floor and close the eyes gently.  Encourage kids to notice how they feel to help them relax a little more.
This routine will not take more then 5 minutes.  Try it for the month of September, and ask them if they notice a difference during their school day.  Most likely they will, and will want to continue with their before school yoga practice.
Lazy Lizards Yoga also offers Before School Yoga Classes for Schools, if you are interested in adding yoga to your Before or After School Program in the Centennial, Parker and Highlands Ranch, Colorado Areas.

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