Looking for a gift for that special kid that not everybody will be giving, will teach a child to start healthy habits early, and a 2 to 7 year old will love?  What about giving the gift of kids yoga?  A Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat and DVD is an excellent idea to get a child started with yoga.  Lazy Lizards Yoga has created a system to make it easy and fun for kids.  The Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat, has 12 poses printed directly on the mat so kids can practice the yoga poses on their own, the kids yoga mat also has a spot for kids to write their own name on their mat to create a special space just for them.  The 30 minute Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD also goes through the kids yoga poses one by one, with a warm up, cool down, and extra bonus poses.  Their is also an option to take a break in between.

Here’s 5 great reasons to give a child the gift of yoga this Holiday Season:

1.  Yoga teaches kids about their bodies.  It helps children create body awareness, confidence, strength and flexibility, without being competitive.

2.  Improves focus and concentration.  When kids know it’s  alright to stay still without force and to pay attention to their breath, the breath gives them the support to focus and concentrate.

3.  Kids yoga is not just about breathing and poses, a lot of kids yoga encourages play, which increases creativity and fun.

4.  Yoga teaches kids balance. Balance is not only important when practicing yoga poses, but in life. Whether it’s with food choices, taking a time out for themselves without electronics, and transitions.   Preschoolers are just learning how their bodies work, working on balance is important for all ages.

5.  Lazy Lizards Yoga is offering a special offer until 12/12/14.  Buy a Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat receive a Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD for free, for just reading this blog post.  Pass it along to your friends and family.  Use coupon code:  HOLIDAY at checkout.

kids yoga mat

Here’s a preview of Butterfly Pose, in the Lazy Lizards Yoga for Kids DVD:

Have a safe a Happy Holiday Season!


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