When starting a children’s yoga class, I always have the kids begin in rock pose, or commonly know as child’s pose or balasana in sanskirt, the language of yoga.  Rock pose has many benefits to help the kids calm down and regroup before class starts.  I think of this as a “time in” for kids.  Rock pose helps kids come back to the fetal position, when they were in their mommy’s tummy,  feeling safe and secure.  Rock pose also stretches the back, hips, and ankles, while calming down the nervous system.  This pose is also great a great way to encourage kids to be present and notice how they feel in the moment.

rock pose

To practice rock pose, have your child bring their knees together on their Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat, and gently bring their forehead down to touch the mat.  If their forehead does not touch the ground,  let them know that they can bring their bottom up off their heels, to make the pose more comfortable.  Guide your child into becoming more relaxed, by encouraging them to softly close their eyes and wiggle their mouth, to take tension out of their face.  As they stay in rock pose, inspire your child to bring their breath in and out of their nose, filling their belly up like a balloon as they breathe in, and letting the air out of the balloon as they breathe out.  I also give the the kids a little massage down their spine while they are in rock pose, which they love, but always ask permission first.

Rock pose is a great tool for your child to use, when they are feeling anxious, or sad.  This pose is a great way to create inner awareness, and to restore and relax the body, mind, and spirit.  Take some time out your day to practice rock pose with your child today!

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