A pineapple tree, a willow tree, an apple tree, a palm tree, a rainbow tree!  These are just a few examples of how you can have kids interact with their yoga poses and feelings.

At Lazy Lizards Yoga, we modify tree pose to be a little easier for younger children and make it fun. How do you do tree pose?

kids yoga pose

 Have your child stand with their legs wide, explain to them how their feet are like roots and they plant and grow into the ground, and how their tree trunk is strong and long.

Next have them extend their arms like tree branches.  Ask them to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out.

After they start to notice their breath, have them imagine to themselves what kind of tree they would be today.  You can then guide them into weather patterns.  For example there is a gentle breeze out side, how would your tree be?   It’s bright and sunny out, can your tree stand taller.  You can also guide them through seasons.  For example, it’s fall outside, what happens to your leaves?

After the child visualizes their tree, ask them afterwards what kind of  would they be?  Ask them why and how it makes them feel.  You may be surprised of what you learn.

To find out more yoga poses for kids, check out Lazy Lizards Yoga today!


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