Yes, they can! When people ask the question, “What do you do?” And I respond,  “I teach kids yoga.” They look at me curiously and respond, “Kids can do yoga?” And I smile.

kids yogaI mostly teach kids ages 3 to 10.  Yoga comes so naturally to children, at any age. When I teach a new group of children and ask them to do down dog in class, they just do it. When you introduce yoga poses in a fun way, like calling them animal names, it just comes naturally. When doing down dog, sometimes they even bark. Kids test their flexibility in their hips by jumping like frogs from lily pad to lily pad. They see how well their balance and focus are by standing on one leg in flamingo pose. They test their strength by stretching into a sliding board. Once their bodies are warm they roar like dragons, using their flexibility, strength, focus and balance. Most importantly before class is over, children learn to rest in lazylizard pose. They close their eyes and imagine that they are lazy lizards in the hot desert sun, noticing the change in their bodies and mind becoming aware of their selves from the inside, out. 

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