The March kids yoga pose of the month is butterfly, honoring Spring.  Springtime brings more light, new growth, warmer weather, daffodils, and when the flowers start to pop up, butterflies!yoga pose for kids

Butterfly pose, also known as bound angle pose or bada konasana, has many great benefits for kids.  Butterfly encourages flexibility in the hips and knees, teaches children to sit still, increases blood flow, helps digestion and reduces anxiety and stress.

To practice butterfly pose:

1. Sit in a comfortable seat.  If sitting is not comfortable, use a neatly folded blanket underneath your bottom.

2.  Bring the soles of the feet together, knees out wide.

3.  Sit up tall, with your shoulders over your hips, and your ears over your shoulders.

4.  Take a few deep breaths, notice how the in breath makes you grow taller and the out breath allows your knees and hips to relax.

5.  Stay as long as you like, maybe close your eyes.  And enjoy!

A few modifications to make this yoga pose fun for kids:

1. Bring hands on hips, bringing the elbows out wide, and have the children flap their butterfly wings gently.

2.  Bend forward, bringing the head close to the feet, never forcing, pretending to be a sleeping yoga pose

A few Springtime butterfly activities for children.

1.  Catching butterflies: Use tissues.  Explain to the kids that the tissue is fragile, just like a butterfly, and if you catch a butterfly hard, you may crush it, just like the tissue, and it will not be able to fly.  Have the children gently throw the tissue up in the air, and have them catch it gently, with out wrinkling the tissue or crushing it into a ball.  Kids love this activity!  Giggles and happiness will fill the room.

2.  Coloring Pages:   Print out pictures of a butterfly.  Have them color the butterfly anyway the want to.  Havekids yoga classthem use their imaginations.  If you decide to add this to a kids yoga class, you will be amazed how different everybody’s picture turns out.

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