I recently went to a yoga class for myself.  This is harder then it sounds, since I teach yoga for kids, adults, young and old, it is very hard to find a class to go for yourself, I am always teaching yoga at the same time everybody else is.  I went to class on a whim, and forgot my yoga mat.  I was a irritated that my mat was not in the car, like it usually is, and decided to to go to class anyway.

Here’s 4 reasons to have your own yoga mat, young or old.

kids yoga mat1.  If you don’t have your own yoga mat, sometimes studios charge you for using their yoga mat.  This is ridiculous, why wouldn’t you be able to use one of their mats? It’s not like they don’t have them.  I was told it was to cover for the “cleaning” fee.  Really? Spraying sanitizer on it, and wiping it down, really costs $3?  This $3 could go toward your own yoga mat.  If you rent one every time, it would cost you a fortune.

2.  They stink!  Even though the studio may charge you a “cleaning” fee, they still stink, they are not very sanitary.  Who knows if the person that was supposed to clean them did.  The entire time I was doing my practice, I couldn’t get the stink out of my nose.

3.  On the positive side, having your own mat for yoga, creates a personal space.  It’s like a place you call home during your practice, you know how it’s going to work, or even stink, when you use it.  It makes you feel grounded, even rolling it out.

kids yoga mats4.  You can personalize your mat.  This doesn’t mean you have to put your name on it,(but with a Lazy Lizards Yoga Mat for Kids, there is a space for kids to put there name on the mat and make it their own), but you know what you like, the color the pattern the texture.  There are so many yoga mats our their now, you can choose an array of colors, thickness, pattern, texture.  When you choose your mat for your yoga practice, let your personality show through.

Whatever you do remember to smile on your mat and have fun, and don’t forget to breathe!


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