Lazy Lizards Yoga pose of the month for September are Up Cat & Down Cat.  Kids are back in school, sitting down all day, hunching forward, working hard.  With all this hard work and and sitting the spine starts to get stiff.  Up cat and down cat are a great way to get the spine moving.  Traditionally this yoga pose is done on all fours, but you can have the kids do this at their desks, while doing their homework even driving on long road trips.  And parents, you should try this too!

Up Cat

1.  Start on all fours, wrists under the shoulders, hips over the knees, arms straight, shoulders back.  Create a solid base, feel the support of the earkids yoga pose of the monthth under your fingers.  Take a long breath through the nose and out before beginning.

2.  On your next breath in, tilt the tailbone skyward, let the belly drop down towards the floor, and look up towards the sky.  Make sure the shoulders do not scrunch towards the ears.

Down Cat

1.  On your breath out, press into your hands, round the spine, tuck the chin, look at your belly button, and round the tailbone down toward the earth.    Stay for an extra breath in and out, to open the spine a little more, or go right into up cat on your next breath pose of the month


Depending on the age of the kids, have them meow and hiss, this makes it fun, and reminds the kids to breath a little more.

Practice up cat and down cat in a chair or sitting criss cross applesauce.  Sit nice and tall, hands on the knees for support.  On the in breath let the heart lift up towards the sky and look up, on the out breath, tuck the chin, curl inward, including the bottom of the spine.  Great thing to do if you are stuck at your desk all day.

A flexible spine encourages a flexible, healthy mind!

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