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Lazy Lizards Yoga encourages kids to start a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Kids who start learning about yoga early, increase self confidence, build strength and flexibility, and learn how to manage stressful situations at a young age.

We offer an eco friendly kid sized yoga mat, with poses printed directly on the mat, and the Lazy Lizards Yoga DVD. Kids Yoga classes are also available for schools and mom’s groups in the Centennial, CO area. Introducing yoga at a young age can encourage a healthy lifestyle early. Kids love doing yoga. Yoga comes naturally to children, they love to use their imaginations to move their bodies in creative ways. Have your child try yoga, and watch him or her grow from the inside, out.

benefits of yoga for children

what’s not to like?

– Introduces a healthy lifestyle at an early age
– Increases strength and flexibility, physically and emotionally
– Stimulates imagination
– Helps children focus
– Increases self-confidence


– Improves awareness of themselves from the inside
– Engagement in a physical activity without competitiveness
– Helps children develop left/right brain coordination
– Helps children become aware of their breath
– Last but not least, it gives children a new way to have fun!

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Yoga Pose of the Month ~ Up Cat & Down Cat

Lazy Lizards Yoga pose of the month for September are Up Cat & Down Cat.  Kids are back in school, sitting down all day, hunching forward, working hard.  With all this hard work and and sitting the spine starts to get stiff.  Up cat and down cat are a great way to get the spine […]

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Yoga Enrichment Programs

Yoga can be beneficial to anybody and everybody, especially to children.  With the stress of going back to school, why not add yoga to your schools enrichment program? Lazy Lizards Yoga offers yoga classes to children from preschool to 5th grade.  We come to you, before school, after school, during school.  We can make our […]

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Upward Facing Dog ~ Kids Yoga Pose of the Month

Upward Facing Dog Pose is a great yoga pose for kids, or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit, the language of yoga.  Kids these days sit a lot!  They sit in criss cross applesauce on the floor and wait for their friends in preschool.  Lots of lessons are also taught sitting in preschool.  Once kids go […]

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