January’s kids yoga pose of the month is Frog Pose, also known as Garland Pose or Malasana in Sanskrit (the language of yoga). Frog is easy an fun kids yoga pose to practice.  They can be still or even jump like a frog.

Not only is Frog Pose a fun yoga pose for kids, it also has many benefits.  This pose helps digestion, tones the legs, improves flexibility in the hip flexors, allows the lower back to release, and improves posture.

kids yoga pose

Here’s one way to get into Frog Pose:

1.  Start by standing with your legs a little wider then hip distance.

2.  Turn your feet out to the side, but not too much, just so it is comfortable.

3. Start lowering your bottom down to the floor, while bending your knees.  Try to let your knees come out wider and guide your knees out towards your toes.

4.  One variation, I like to have the kids try to bring their hands to their heart and sit up as straight as they can, lifting their heart forward, try to encourage the belly button to come to the spine.  Demonstrating this with them will help them understand, especially the little ones.  If your heels are lifted off the ground, try and step your feet out a little wider, Frog Pose may become a little more comfortable, once the heels touch the ground.

5.  Another variation, is to put your hands on the ground, and jump and rib-bit like a frog ( depending on the age of the kids).  You can practice, small jumps, medium jumps and big jumps, always being in control and mindful, not being crazy.  Practicing the transitions between small, medium, large and stillness, if a great way for kids to practice transitioning, which a lot of children have trouble with and learn with experience.

6.  To come out of frog pose, try to push into your feet to straighten your legs while using your core muscles, and not using your hands.  If you practice this over time, it will get easier.

7.  For a counter pose to Frog, turn toes back forward and fold forward at the hips, and hang to release.

Kids have tons of fun with Frog Pose, they even request it during class.  Ask the kids the sensations that they feel.  Some responses that I have heard are:  “Frog make me happy.”, “Frog makes me feel good.”, “Frog makes me smile.”, to “I don’t like frogs”.

No matter what kids yoga pose you are doing with children, always remember it should feel good and never hurt.  Have fun practicing Frog Pose with your kids!






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