Yoga can be beneficial to anybody and everybody, especially to children.  With the stress of going back to school, why not add yoga to your schools enrichment program?

Lazy Lizards Yoga offers yoga classes to children from preschool to 5th grade.  We come to you, before school, after school, during school.  We can make our schedules work together.

Yoga Enrichment Programs

About Lazy Lizards Yoga Enrichment Programs

Classes are usually about 30 minutes long.

Class Themes: It can be as simple as, “what is yoga?”, feelings, the 5 senses.  If you have a particular theme in mind with what is happening at your school, we can do that!

“Time In”: We use this at the beginning of class to reflect on how we are feeling at the present moment, and just take a minute to pause, notice our breath, and close our eyes.

Breathing: During class we will practice different breathing techniques, and talk about the benefits of different breathing exercises, and learn how to use them off of our yoga mats.

Yoga Postures: The physical part of the class.  We move through Sun Salutations, to warm up the body, then move on to static postures, focusing on strength, flexibility, balance and focus.

Fun!:  I always like to incorporate some sort of game for the children during class, this is a way to reward them for participating and to get some stored energy out.  Yoga Games, incorporate team work, social skills, imaginations, but most importantly fun!

Rest: We always finish in Lazy Lizard Pose.  This is a time to lay down, close your eyes, and just notice what is happening at the present moment, and simply breathing, just being able to be yourself.  Lazy Lizard Pose, often becomes the kids favorite yoga pose.

Giving Thanks: After Lazy Lizard Pose, we seal our practice together by giving thanks to everything and everybody.

If you are interested in adding yoga to your enrichment program, in the Southeast Denver Area, Aurora, Parker & Centennial contact Lazy Lizards Yoga to set up a free trial, to see if it’s the right fit for your school, daycare, Mom’s Group, Girl Scout Troop or Wellness Event.


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